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RF beauty instrument

RF beauty instrument

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Radio frequency
It uses monopolar radio frequency energy to tighten and tone the body and improve its contours. Radiofrequency therapy works by heating the lower layer of the skin (called the dermis). This heat leads to the production of collagen, which is called new collagen production. The new collagen can make the skin firm and firm, and improve the overall texture of the skin and body shape. Unlike lasers, body RF procedures are applicable to all skin types and all colors.
5 kinds of effects: deep cleansing (cleaning mode), nutrition supply (humidity mode), nourishing skin (EMS UP mode), beauty (RF LED mode), firming cold compress (cool mode), fresh skin rejuvenation, helping quickly and easily Improve skin condition, make your skin smoother and denser, and revitalize your skin.

Safe and considerate: Adopt unique radio frequency therapy, intelligent temperature control, safe and secure, deep skin repair, help to quickly fade wrinkles, tighten V face, and improve facial appearance.

With the production of collagen, it promotes cell function and blood circulation, while replenishing moisture to the skin, reducing wrinkles and spots.
Use effect: improve wrinkles, stimulate collagen production, lifting, home facial care
Improve blood circulation
Improve wrinkles and elasticity
It is to inject special frequencies into the human body and convert them into biological energy. Due to this biological energy, it will generate deep heat, thereby enhancing the natural hardening ability and resistance.

Naturally generated deep heat contributes to health management in various fields such as skin beauty, nutrition, blood circulation, detoxification and prevention of hair loss.

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