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Portable Mini Steaming Face Device

Portable Mini Steaming Face Device

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Holds electronic equipment, office supplies, Bluetooth speakers, phones, wallets, and wallets.
won't corrode, rust, or discolor like shelves made of metal or aluminum. robust hypoallergenic plastic that has been formed.
For use in hallways, restrooms, workplaces, kitchens, dorm rooms, lockers, within TV and kitchen cabinets, etc., slim and elegant designs are preferred.
Strong stickiness and waterproof capabilities of glue allow the rack cling to the wall securely, offering a significant load capacity. No-drill installation prevents wall damage.
A excellent rack for storing things like lotion, shampoo, facial cream, and makeup.

How to use:
Step 1: Put the main unit on a level surface 
Step 2: Add purified or distilled water to the water supply tank.
Step 3: Attach the water supply tank's cover.
Put the plug into the power outlet in step four.
Step 5: Press a single button to turn on the steamer.
Step 6: Face the steam directly.
Step 7: Please turn off the steam device and unplug the power when the steaming is finished.

Material: ABS
Voltage: 220 v
Spray time: 20 min
Water tank capacity: 150 ml

Due to the different light angle and display, it may cause color difference between the actual product and the picture, please understand.

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