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Disinfecting Floor Mat Automatic Door Pad Foot Mat

Disinfecting Floor Mat Automatic Door Pad Foot Mat

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Product description

Simple cleaning on a daily basis.
Vertical and horizontal, as you please
Also stable and secure
One liter of water should be added to the cotton pad and soaked before usage. Moreover, you can sterilize the water. Keep the rubber pad damp.

How to apply:
1. Fill the brush tray with fresh tap water first.
2. During use, stroke the pedal brushes three to five times.
3. Walk on the absorbent surface to dry your soles.
Product specifications:
Three-dimensional sole disinfection mat set
Super fiber, PVA, and polypropylene
Measurements: 83x45x2 cm; gross weight: 3 kg
Family, hotel, hospital, and restaurant

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